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A great website makes you more productive, it shouldn't
slow you down

As a self-employed creative or small business owner, time is your most valuable resource. At Virtuosic Media, we try to give you some of it back by building websites tailored to the way you work.

Here are a few samples of recent work.

At Virtuosic Media we specialize in building content management systems that take the effort out of maintaining and updating your site. No more calls to a developer to add a new page, or update a photo. You can add and edit content as simply as using email, or Facebook.

We take the time to get to know you and the way you operate, then make suggestions for how your workflow can be improved by your website. Rather than eating up your time, your website can (and should) save you time.

Are you an author, musician, photographer or other creative? We specialize in building tools just for you! We even take care of hosting and maintenance.

Ready to know more? Contact us and find out how we can help you become more productive.

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We design marketing materials that help you grow

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Your message IS your business
Speak loudly

Whether its a brochure, artwork for physical media, or a whole new brand identity that you need, Virtuosic Media has got you covered from concept to final printing.

We have experience delivering a wide range of print projects. Some of the things we do include:

  • Branding / Re-branding / Identity
    • Logo development
    • Style guides
    • Business cards / Letterhead / Envelopes
  • Mailers
  • Product packaging
  • CD and DVD / Blu-ray artwork and packaging
  • Trifolds and Booklets / Magazines
  • Posters
  • Book Covers / Dust Jackets
  • Newspaper / Magazine Ads

If you have a marketing or physical media need, Virtuosic Media can help you cut through the noise, with fresh, vivid designs and well packaged products. We can even handle the printing of your artwork and physical media.

Here are a few samples of recent print work we've done.

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We help Creatives grow their audience.

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Spend less time managing, and more time

As a self-employed creative, you know that your most valuable resource is time. There are so many balls to juggle, so many hats to wear, that sometimes the one getting the least attention is the one you love the most: creating stuff.

At Virtuosic Media, we specialize in helping you get some of that time back, so you can do more of what you love. We build online tools that help automate some of the day to day involved in building / keeping a fan / client base. We have experience in a number of creative fields, and have expert advice on the specifics of CD and DVD / Blu-ray manufacturing, book publishing and marketing, online sales, and the use of social media to attract a larger following to market your creative services or products to.

Most importantly, we stay on top of the best ways to do all of these ancilliary tasks efficiently, and integrate them into your primary web platform (your Virtuosic-built site) so you don't have to post the same thing in five different spots.

But its more than just pointing you to the right tools; at Virtuosic Media, we are committed to learning what YOU do, understanding what YOUR needs are, what makes you unique, and helping you find a way to do it better. After all, we're creatives ourselves; musicians, video professionals, designers, photographers, writers... we know what its like to wear a lot of hats.

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